Business Continuity Health Check


An untested plan is only marginally better than no plan at all!
Many organisations develop beautifully drafted Business Continuity plans but never take the next and most important step of training, exercising and maintaining these plans. Not only do plans become obsolete very quickly but management and staff also need regular reminders about their roles in the Business Continuity plans.

In line with the training, exercising and maintenance Business Continuity plans must be checked or audited on a regular basis. A health check should:

 -confirm that the BC plans comply with the organisations BCM policies and standards

-ratify the validity of the plans

-verify that appropriate training and exercising activities are being undertaken

-outline any weaknesses or deficiencies in any of the above.

SelecTech Solutions have extensive experience in the area of Business Continuity Health Check and can tailor a solution to meet your business needs.

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