IT Disaster Recovery


In today’s business world the vast majority of organisations depend totally on their IT systems.  A 2011 study found that 80%  of business continuity invocations were due to hardware failure.  Despite this reliance on technology many organisations operate in a constant state of denial or suffer from a superiority bias ie “it could never happen to us”!

IT Disaster Recovery solutions range from the very basic and low budget  – offsite backups – to the extremely complex and expensive – hot or even active/active sites.  Most organisations have business requirements that will fall somewhere between these two end points.

The cost of the available options for the recovery of IT systems rise significantly in inverse ratio to the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) – the shorter the RTO the higher the cost.  Many organisations re-appraise their RTOs – and hence their products and services – once they understand the cost of recovering IT systems within the desired RTO.

The available options include some or all of:

  • Backups: traditional backing up of data to a geographically separate location
  • Ad-hoc: only source replacement hardware should there be a problem which requires data restoration
  • Support Agreement: realy on a 3rd party to supply replacement hardware  within an agreed timeframe, and then recover from backup
  • Standby Hardware: spare equipment is held  as a standby at primary or geographically separate site to be used if required
  • Duplicate Hardware: a complete duplicate of all production hardware is kept on site in a pre-configured mode ready for data recovery from backup
  • Third Party Hardware:  a contract with a thirty party to utilise their hardware at their remote site, and then recover from backup
  • Replica Systems:  replicas of all systems at a geographically separate location (organisation’s own or 3rd party) with data copied through various means such as continuous replication, mirroring, logging or backup

Let SelecTech Solutions work with you to determine your business needs and the most appropriate IT Disaster Recovery plans for your organisation. Contact us for more information.

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