IT Strategic Management


In today’s fast moving economic environment organisations for all sizes are under constant pressure to make the most of their investment in technology and IT systems. The interests of all stakeholders need to be considered: customers, supplies, employees, business partners, shareholders and executive management.

For those that head up IT in your organisation their holy grail is the alignment of the business goals and objectives with its IT deliverables. Today this alignment is made more difficult with the rapid change in the business environment and the even quicker development and innovations in technology.

Strategic IT Management is about trying to achieve this alignment. It is not, however, simply a technical process of managing IT systems but rather it is a whole of business exercise that must be framed as part of the organisation’s overall management process.

It is imperative in today’s market that organisations have a well-defined and detailed IT Strategic Management plan. All changes proposed with the plan should be considered within the context of how they will impact the business and, more importantly, what benefits they will provide to the business.

Falling out of the IT Strategic Management Plan should be a clearly defined IT Roadmap.  At a high level this should outline the key IT projects, approximate start and end dates and any obvious dependencies.  Many at Board and Executive level like to see this roadmap on a single A4 page ie as an easy to digest and comprehend overview document.

Organisations should also have an IT Policy or similar covering areas such as security, monitoring, acceptable use, privacy, confidentiality, social media and personal use.  Many organisations refer to this type of document as a Technology Usage Policy.

SelecTech Solutions can help your organisation map out a strategic IT plan and achieve the alignment between the business and IT. Our consultants are vastly experienced senior IT executives with many years at CIO level or similar. We will review the current interaction between your organisation’s people, process and technology. We will determine how these currently align with your business objectives and where there may be scope for improvement.

If your business does not have a clear IT roadmap for the next 2 to 3 years there is a good chance you will be missing potential business opportunities.

We will work with your organisation to develop an IT Strategic Management Plan which will identify your immediate, medium and long term business objectives and the various technologies that will be required to assist you in achieving these. Contact us for more information.

We offer Interim Executive IT Management solutions.  Do you need an acting CIO or senior IT executive for a few months?  Do you need a fresh pair of eyes to assist in managing your IT department?  Do you have a major IT project that needs to be managed at a senior level?

If you have any of these or similar requirements Contact us at SelecTech Solutions. We have experience managing national and international IT teams with multi-million dollar budgets. Our team will add immediate value to your business.

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